Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nature Box - Good Food From California

When I went out to the mailbox a little while ago, I was excited to find that my Nature Box sample had arrived. Nature Box, located in San Carlos, California, boasts delicious healthy snacks made with no corn syrup or artificial anything. They are so confident in their snacks that they are willing to send you a sample for just under $2 for delivery. Included in the sample box are 4 individual sized bags and one full sized bag. To continue receiving monthly supplies is just $25 for 5 bags, and we think we might just do it. They were fresh tasting and delicious, and I like to offer my family healthy options, and food tastes better with natural sugars and . I'll break down what we received from our most favorite to least favorite below.

Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels

This individual sized bag of sweet corn kernels contained an ideal amount of sweetness with cinnamon and white and brown sugars. The crunchy kernels popped flavorfully in our mouths with a hint of cinnamon and without an overbearing sweetness that you see in so many snacks. A lack of corn syrup was obvious and appreciated with this creative bag. Having corn kernels presented in this way was interesting, and surprisingly ended up being our favorite of all the samples.

Sea Salt Sun Crunch

This salty concoction of sesame and sunflower seeds was my personal favorite. Being more of a salty versus sweet snacker, I appreciated the nutty flavors emanating from the seeds binded by wheat flours. They used Organic Dried Cane Syrup and chicory root minimally, which was barely noticeable in the mix. This snack could easily become an addiction with its organic and healthy flavors.

Cashew Crumble

These cashew bites, covered with a lightly sweetened cookie exterior, were a nice surprise. Who would have ever thought to combine that mixture? While only having a couple, the curious nature of the snack was appealing and tasty. The ingredients are pretty simple with cashews, butter, brown sugar, wheat flour and eggs making up the majority. It's simplicity and freshness reminds you of something Grandma might make.

Coconut Cashews

Again, it's a curious combination but absolutely wonderful! A coconut infused cashew? Yes, please! The one thing most appreciated with these snacks is they haven't been too sweet. For those of us who either choose to avoid or simply can't eat a lot of sugar, they are a nice option combined with protein as a balance. Nutty and using only coconut, cane sugar and a little rice syrup, this is a great option for kids and adults alike.

Garden Tomato Crunchies

This particular bag was our least favorite, but it was still nearly perfect. The almonds were flavorful and crunchy with a slightly salty edge. There was little to no tomato flavor, and the hints of chili powder were nill. As far as all the flavorful bags went, this was the least so, but who can deny almonds as a snack? While this one may not be on our wish list in the future, it was a nice sample of what the store has to offer.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what else comes along from this diverse location. Nature Box definitely delivers what it advertises, and you can be assured to enjoy healthy options for you and your family. Give it a try! You can always cancel your subscription, but I'd bet you won't after seeing what they offer. Good food, good prices, and delivered straight to your door.

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