About Stephanie

Stephanie Smith, a photographer and writer for several years, has been lucky enough to live in many beautiful destination spots throughout her life. Shortly after her birth in Columbia, SC, her family moved to the US Virgin Islands. Having a house overlooking the clear blue water of the Caribbean, the serenity of island life became ingrained to her as a youth. Leaving the Virgin Islands at 5 years old, the small family moved to other beachfront locations. Miami, Charleston, Myrtle Beach all became homes to Stephanie during the next few years.

Stephanie went to college in Atlanta and experienced the city life as an adult for the first time and eventually moved to Dallas with her ex-husband and two kids. They became overwhelmed by the multitude of restaurants that seemed to spring from the ground like trees. French, Indian (the ex especially liked Indian), Ethiopian foods were just a few of the gourmets which they became familiar. While every girl loves to shop, Dallas also consists of some of the most beautiful high end stores outside of New York City. Having employed her fair share of perusing and shopping the local malls, Stephanie still had a deep longing for the familiarity of salty marsh air from whence she came. After 6 years, she packed up her kids and kissed the wide expanse of the Texas skies (and the ex) goodbye.

The three travelers made it back to South Carolina, and drove straight to the Isle of Palms. As they crossed the IOP Connector, the children were able to see the ocean for the first time in their memory. Their first stop was at Coconut Joe's, where the first thing ordered was a tasty ice-cream blended toasted-coconut topped Pina Colada for all (virgin for the kids!). After sipping this delightful treat, she took them to her favorite spot - a place where she and her cousin spent many summers sunbathing, watching lithe tanned bodies playing sand volleyball, and listening to beach music. Staring in appreciation of the return to her beautiful place, her home, and finding peace again, they watched the waves roll in for hours from the upper deck of the Windjammer. The next generation of Jammers has been created.

Her experiences and love of writing have been documented across the web, and her love of travel, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures has given Stephanie the motivation to provide you with insights from her journeys. This blog will introduce you to exciting adventures, local beauty, food, pop up restaurants, and more. As her travels expand outside of the number 1 destination spot in the world, she will take you with her and share experiences on top attractions in the US. Honest reviews will hopefully prove helpful to those who are considering where to go and what to do on their vacations, and she hopes that you enjoy yourself while you're visiting her little space on the web.

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