Thursday, August 7, 2014

North Carolina in the Summer

We had an opportunity to travel up to North Carolina for a quick weekend of fun. The weather was a little sketchy here in Charleston, so we wanted to get away and do something different. Heading to the hills sounded like a great option! Cooler weather, a nice breeze, maybe catch a play in Brevard - the options were limitless. Off we went! We made reservations at a bed and breakfast in the outskirts of Hendersonville and got tickets to see Sweeney Todd at the Brevard Music Center.

We left around 7am on Saturday in an attempt to avoid traffic. That was probably a good idea, because the play started at 2pm and we wanted to grab a bite to eat before going into the theater. Our experiences in North Carolina in the past have been excellent, so we were really looking forward to trying out some new places during this trip as well. As we wound our way through the densely forested mountains, we ran into a neat looking little restaurant just outside of our destination. Hungry and tired from being in the car for over four hours during the early morning drive, we finally settled into a booth at the Mills River Restaurant.

The menu was extensive and included almost anything you could imagine. Steaks, hamburgers, seafood, lasagna, everything! The prices ranged from $8 to $20, and there was an intimate little salad bar also available. Since we live on the coast, we decided to skip the (probably) frozen seafood to order something hopefully more fresh. My partner in crime got a hamburger steak covered with gravy and served with a baked potato. My choice was the lasagna lunch special. Why not, I surmised, as I have been avoiding carbs for the most part and thought I'd indulge on this day. Both of us hit the salad bar with gusto and created little nests of rabbit food to snack on while we waited for our meals to arrive.

Boy, that simple little salad was tasty, and it's a good thing too. The rest of the food was TERRIBLE. I'm not talking just bad. It was TERRIBLE. The hamburger steak literally looked like dog food on a plate and smothered with a grey glue-like mush of what was supposed to be gravy. The baked potato, the size of a softball, sat in the middle of the sludge and, like a drowning rat, appeared to be screaming for help in order to escape the mush that stuck it firmly to the plate. The lasagna was OK, but I would be surprised if there was a noodle in it. Either the noodles were overcooked to the point of becoming liquified, or they simply didn't exist. The sauce and cheese were baked into a small dish and served with a roll on the side. If you dipped the roll into the mixture, it was fairly edible. However, three bites in, and I was done. Neither of us ate our food, so we packed it up to take home to our pets - two days later. Even our pets didn't want to have anything to do with the food!

Hitting the road once again and slightly nauseated, we headed on to find our play at the Scott Concert Hall. More about that soon! First, we have to digest the experience at a little "family restaurant" that may have been the true location of the play's nemesis. *burp*

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