Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcome - Day 1 of The Wandering Eye

Welcome!  The Wandering Eye is a blog that will take you through popular attractions and destinations to give you the most current and up to date information about your adventures while traveling.  Topics will include dining, hotels, beaches, secluded islands, and thrilling experiences with travel partners.  Being that I live in the Number 1 Destination Spot in the world (According to Conde Nast), many of my posts will originate in the Lowcountry.  Charleston is loaded with award winning restaurants, with several of our local chefs participating and winning the James Beard Award.  Currently, Sean Brock from McCrady's is holding the honor of being one of the most outstanding chefs in the United States.

Upcoming adventures will include: a visit to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountain National Park; ziplining through leafy canopies of trees and flying in the heavens at 350 feet on a lines nearly a mile in length; whitewater rafting down the French Broad River; and attending the play Sweeney Todd, a tale of a fictional murderous fiend who was originally created for Victorian penny dreadfuls.  Sweeney Todd eventually became a film, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and directed by Tim Burton.

I hope that you enjoy my musings and insights.  I would love to hear feedback as well.  If you would like for me to visit your establishment, let me know!  The world is an open book, and I plan to read as many pages as possible.  Cheers, and thanks for reading!