Monday, July 28, 2014

Art Exhibit - Catherine Dawson @ The Striped Pig - Charleston, SC

The art exhibit by Catherine Dawson was hosted by The Striped Pig Distillery last night (Thursday, July 24th). Located near the Lowcountry Food Bank on Old School Drive off of Azalea Drive, the Distillery creates their unique style of rum, smooth vodka, and the strongest legal moonshine in South Carolina. The backdrop of the open air distillery added to the ambiance of the Bones exhibit, with winding metal tubing reaching towards the ceiling like curious appendages coming from the fermentation barrels holding the effervescent liquors.

Viewing the work of Miss Dawson, I was struck with her personality and style. Her sense of the morbid while adding in every day items created an unusual blend of beauty. Having graduated from the College of Charleston with a major in Studio Art, she exemplifies her technique with watercolors. Stating, "I have always had an interest in the macabre, so this just became natural to me," she showed us around her curious collection of skeletal designs. "I've studied the human anatomy for years," she says, "and I started to use the same techniques with other animals."

Using dinosaurs, opossums, or even roadkill as influences to her style, Catherine has branded herself as an intriguing up and coming artist. Currently, she is working with Molly B. Right, a local artist who specializes in working with bottle cap portraits. Miss Dawson also plans to investigate taxidermy in order to broaden her skills as an artist.

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